Well, I’m glad you asked...

I like building businesses the easy way. 

These days there are loads of ways we can attract leads, but, I wanted to focus on THE ONE route which ALWAYS brought me the best quality leads.

I knew if I could focus on attracting high-quality leads it would enable me to grow faster.

Referrals proved to be that ONE route that brought me THE BEST LEADS.

I noticed that 80% of the time I got a referral I convert them into a sale pretty easily. All I really needed to do was to point them in the right direction and they would buy.

Can you relate to this?

Do you find referrals the easiest leads to convert into sales?

So then the challenge became about how do I create a predictable flow of referrals that will allow me to scale at the pace I decide. That’s when I first created the 10 key steps which have now become The Referral Bootcamp™.

Referrals are the PERFECT lead source to funnel your ideal prospects into your sales and Referral Partnerships allow you to attract a predictable flow of high-quality leads so you can scale at the pace you decide.

Do you want me to share these 10 Steps with you for less than $10.00 per step?

Wake Up To The Power Of Referrals




All of the stuff you need… none of the fluff you don’t
If you’re struggling to attract a consistent flow of good quality leads that actually convert into paying customers.
If you’re overwhelmed with the relentless cycle of social media posting and the endless nurture required to warm up leads and you feel like you are just wasting time.
If you’re frustrated with trying to get paid ads working whilst watching your costs spiral with little or no return to show for it.
If you feel that these so-called modern-day digital marketing tactics are a bit ‘icky’ and not a fit for the way you work.
Or...perhaps it’s all of the above!
Then The Referral Bootcamp is the PERFECT solution for you.
Come and work together with me, Phillip Gibbs, founder of ReferralFunnels™ and creator of The Referral Method™. I’ve helped 1,000’s of students generate over 8 figures in total revenue and, in doing so, built a 7 figure global training and mentoring business without ever spending a single penny on ads! I’m passionate about practicing what we preach and scaling with online referral partnerships.

What Referral Partnerships Are… 

...And What They Are NOT!

Have you heard the saying


“Success leaves clues”

Well… what if I told you that 81% of the fastest-growing companies have a referral marketing system in place.

Do you think there’s a trend there?

Do you think it’s worth copying what’s obviously working for them?

Referral Partnerships are about:

  • More high-quality leads
  • More conversions and sales
  • More speed and ease

Referral Partnerships do not need you to:

  • Risk your cash on paid ads hoping some leads will convert
  • ​Waste your effort with endless nurturing of cool leads hoping they will buy
  • ​Squander hours posting on social media hoping people will engage with you
I’ve been championing referral marketing for years, using it myself, teaching others how to make it rock, and consulting with businesses all over the world...

Through this high-value, easy-to-implement program you will learn the EXACT, step-by-step system I use to attract high-quality leads… all within the next 10 days… 

...and how I leverage the power of working with highly influential referral partners to go further and faster than I ever could on my own!

With this proven process in place, your business will not just be more profitable, but more predictable, more sustainable, and more fun too...

...and there’s never been a better time to add stability and security to your business than now.

Yes... by the time you’ve finished this program (within the next 10 days!) you’ll already be attracting high-quality referred leads and making more sales with more speed and more ease!

Your referral system won’t just be mapped out in your head, it will be in place in your business and ready to rock!

The Referral Bootcamp is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for:

It's Also Something You Don't Want To Miss If...

You want to reach new audiences and go further and faster by attracting high-quality and highly targeted warm prospects who will be easy to convert to customers without the need for endless nurturing.
You’re tired of running FREE Facebook groups that attract what I call “freeple people”. Those who are only too willing to consume all your free content and pick your brains for FREE, but come up with every excuse under the sun why now is not quite the right time for them to buy from you! Come on… we’ve all been there are experienced this!
You want a simpler and more effective marketing route so you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your marketing is actually generating a return and is time well spent.
You want to scale what you’ve already have without spending too much time or expending too much energy, and instead focussing on the easiest and most reward sales you can make.
Want to reach more people... with more speed... and more ease... without wasting time on social media... without risking your money on paid ads… and without wasting time nurturing low quality leads that will never buy!

Meet Our Founder

I don’t tend to worry too much about titles. Some call me an entrepreneur, some a digital marketer, and others a mentor.

...but regardless whatever label I may carry what I’m really passionate about, and the one thing I can say I’ve truly mastered is the art of scaling businesses with online referral partnerships and collaborations.

I love collaborative marketing, and firmly believe that we can go further and faster when we seek out innovative ways to work together with like-minded people.


Since 2008 I’ve played key roles in many businesses and generated over $16.1 million in revenue.


I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners dramatically increase their customer base, get in front of new buyer audiences and skyrocket their revenue to six, seven, and even eight-figures.


I’m the founder of ReferralFunnels™ and the creator of The Referral Method™ my signature system for unlocking the power of partnerships and scaling businesses.

I share my knowledge, insights, and experience through digital training programs, practical workshops, and private mentoring.  I’ve spoken on stages across the globe and am the author of the popular book Collaborate & Launch the only book which shares exactly how to launch your product with referral and affiliate partners. 

Inside The Referral Bootcamp™ I will be showing you how I used referral partners to generate my first 7 figures online.  

In fact, once you’ve implemented the 10 steps within The Referral Method™ you’ll know more than I did when I started! 

So, come on, if you’re serious about scaling your business and reaching more people with more speed and more ease then The Referral Bootcamp™ is for you.

What You Get Inside...

Access to the REFERRALFUNNELS™ training App and WebPortal giving you immediate easy access on any device, anytime. Our custom built App can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play stores and is fully synced with our WebPortal if you choose to work from your laptop or PC.
10 Video Workshops​ guiding you step-by-step through everything you need to plan, build and scale your own referral marketing channel so you start attracting high-quality leads that are quick and easy to convert into sales. (value $997)
10 Implementation Workbooks carefully designed to accompany the workshops. We’ll be working through these together so you are sure to IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE each step into your business and get results as we go. (value $497)
An opening Goal Setting pre-lesson to properly introduce the content, onboard you, and establish your goals so you have the energy and motivation to get it done. ($197)
A facilitated community Q&A Area so you feel super supported throughout (value: $197)

Breaking Down The Curriculum

START HERE - How To Get Fast Results

We start as we mean to carry on by getting real for a minute.

The 10 Steps that make up The Referral Bootcamp have been proven time and time again to generate a predictable flow of high-quality leads that are quick and easy to convert.

These 10 Steps have generated 1,000’s of high-quality leads and 100,000’s in revenue for our students.

But guess what?

They only work if you do too!

I can’t offer you some magic pill that will miraculously turn you into a lead generation machine. And, if you thought I could you are very mistaken!

However, if you are prepared to let me shortcut your pathway to success by showing you exactly what to do, and how to do it, then you’re in the right place.  

I’ll show you, you do a little focussed work, you get real results.

Sound like a deal? Great...

...in this first pre-lesson we map out what you want to achieve in the next 30-days.

STEP 1 - Your Referral Game Plan

We start with the end in mind.

Helping your referral partners understand exactly how they can quickly and easily bring you a flow of your perfect leads is the result we want. Your Referral Game Plan helps you establish all the activators they need to make that happen.

STEP 2 - Your Transformation Statement

A key element to attracting high-quality referrals is being able to clearly and concisely say what it is you do, who you help, and how you help them. 

If you can’t do this you make it hard for your referral partners to be effective. And if it feels hard for them to refer you it won’t happen… FACT!

I’ll be straight with you here. This is where most people go wrong.

But not you!

Within this step, we’ll work together and create your simple and powerful transformation statement.

STEP 3 - Your Trigger Phrases

Trigger Phrases will transform your marketing.

Understanding your customer is essential. But the traditional method of defining your Avatar is pretty pointless in my opinion (there you go, I said it! 😳 ).

It’s not about knowing their age, gender, marital status, whether they have kids or not, what car they drive, and what they eat for breakfast.

It’s about knowing what they are thinking, feeling, and saying at the time your product or service can help them overcome their challenge.

We’ll map this out together and get you set up for success.

STEP 4 - Your Target Top 10

When it comes to referral partners quality will always win over quantity.

You do not need hundreds of partners. In fact, we’ve seen lots of students generate tens of thousands in sales with just 5 or 6 quality partners.

So, inside this step, we get really focused on exactly who will be your referral partners.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or more established and looking to scale, the exercise inside of this step will really help you focus on your ideal profitable partners.

STEP 5 - Your Post Purchase Plan

This step is often the quickest of wins for our newcomers.


Whilst the exercise inside this step is really just common sense, it definitely is not common practice. Sometimes we overlook the simplest solutions as we seek out the ultimate sales panacea!

We’ll sit down and get super practical together as we plot and plan this quick win for your business.

STEP 6 - The Testimonial Trigger

Not all referral opportunities are equal.

There are certain times when you are much, much more likely to be referred. The key is knowing when these moments are AND how to invite the referral.

In our time working with thousands of businesses since 2008 we’ve spotted one BIG opportunity which unbelievably the MAJORITY of business let slip right through their fingers.

During this step, I share with you the golden referral opportunity that surrounds this moment and exactly how to automate it into your business.

STEP 7 - The Easy A.S.K Method

So, how do you overcome that awkward feeling of actually asking someone to partner with you?

Well, inside this step I share a technique I call ‘The EASY A.S.K Method’ which ensures you are set up for success and makes everything feel more natural.

Let’s work together through this step and make sure you have all the tools and confidence you need to take immediate and effective action.

STEP 8 - The Giveaway Bundle

Inside this step, we look at how you can pull together a collection of your ideal partners and facilitate a win-win event everyone will love.

The best partnerships are real win-win partnerships and there is no better strategy for building long-term win-win relationships than this one.

STEP 9 - Creative Collaborations

In Step 4 we worked on your Target Top Ten. In Step 7 we set you up for successful ask and we looked at how you can eliminate any awkwardness from asking partners to work with you. 

Now it’s time to build your plan to reach out and actually get your new partners saying YES!

STEP 10 - The Really Easy Referral

Making your business really easy, and dare I say it, even fun to promote will help you attract your ideal partners.

Not only will they want to proactively support you and share your message, but in doing so, they are also much less likely to partner with your competition.

Inside this step, we look at how you can turn assets that you already have into highly attractive and highly shareable assets for your partners will be excited to share with their communities and connections.

What’s more? 

With every workshop, there’s an implementation workbook designed to help you immediately take action and integration these elements into your business as we go. 

This is not about learning more theory and never actually finding the time to get things in place. 

This is about YOU getting RESULTS!


 Your Special FAST ACTION Bonus 


Inside this bonus training, I unpack the easiest way to accurately track which partners have sent you which leads.

We’ll work through this step-by-step guide together and plan out your referral tracking method so you can automatically and robustly monitor your referred leads and be 100% confident you know the score!

Think about it...

...how much more money could you be making off the back of a powerful, easy to run, referral marketing system in your business?

One that consistently brings you 5… 10… or 20 high-quality leads a month?

Or perhaps even one that consistently brings you 5… 10… or 20 high-quality leads a week?

This has happened for 1,000’s of our students, and will happen for you too when we implement these steps together in your business.

PLUS… I'm gifting you the bonus TRACKING MADE SIMPLE training guide completely FREE when you purchase The Referral Bootcamp™ today.

Got Questions… Don't Worry… 

We Have Answers!

What exactly do I get when I sign up?

When you purchase The Referral Bootcamp™, you’ll receive:

- Access to our professional training App and Web-based portal

- 10x workshops video tutorials

- 10x implementation and integration workbooks

Basically everything you need to plan, build and scale your referral marketing system so you start attracting high-quality leads.

Can I get started right away?

Yes - immediately after purchasing The Referral Bootcamp™ you’ll receive a direct link and an email with your login details to access everything immediately.

Can I refer back to the training in the program once I have completed it?

Absolutely. You’ll get lifetime access to all of the content, so you’ll be able to continue using The Referral Bootcamp™ system to make profits in your business time and time again!

What if I don’t have time to follow the program?

The Referral Bootcamp™ is easy to consume. It’s been designed with you in mind so that you can work at your own pace and deploy these tactics on your business to suit your timeframe and your goals. Obviously, the more you focus on working together with me in this program and implementing these steps the faster you will benefit from the results!

Will this program work for me?

As I’ve said, this program is aimed at helping you attract high-quality leads from your own referral partners. If you take the time to implement the learnings, by the end of the program you will have exactly that.

How long will it take to complete this program?

That’s totally up to you. As you know, there are 10 Steps to follow. It’s possible to binge them and get it done in a day, or you might want to dedicate a week or longer. Whatever works for you.

Is it possible to get a refund?

All sales of this program are full and final beyond the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you integrate the steps and system I share you will quickly build your own referral system for your business. And remember, the total value of the program contents is $1,888 but your price today is just $97. It really is incredible value for money.

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